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when Maverick is SOI,DMS don't work.But it should.


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I've read in the manual,that when ADJ OSB is pressed and ADJ ON,you can use DMS to adjust boresight position,but find it don;t work.

Nothing changed.


DMS work as Reticle Up/down/left/right in HOTAS when Maverick is SOI.


And the method below don't work because of this.

Boresight Symbol to Maverick Line of Sight

To further refine the boresight you can:

1. Set MAV page as SOI

2. Lock an air or ground target with the Maverick

3. Press OSB 6 on the MAV page and ADJ OFF to change to ADJ ON.

4. Move the Maverick symbol by pressing the DMS switch Up, Down, Left, and Right until it is over the target

5. Press the ENT button on the UFC

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