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x52 pro help, inputs different between 1.5 and 2.0??

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Hey guys not sure if any one has run into this, but i have been flying the f-5 on 1.5 for a while playing the missions and multiplayer and my x52 has worked great. i bought the f-5 BFM campaign last weekend and in 2.0 it acts like half of the buttons aren't programed. im running the same profile with the same key strokes but they wont work in 2.0. if i use the keyboard it will work. but some keys on the keyboard wont. i verified that the key binding in dcs are the same as what i have mapped but still nothing.


thanks in advance

DCS WISHLIST: F4U-4, A-4M, A-1H(AD-6), OV-10A

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