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BK90 Singleplayer behavior: Which is correct?


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BK90s are a bit of an enigma for me right now due to the different performance of the MJ2 and mix (MJ1 & MJ2 mixed supposedly?) variants and I'm concerned about what is the proper behavior of the BK90...


The MIX variant dispenses anti-vehicle munitions in its first dispense cycle and they seem to home in and track vehicles/buildings that are near their deployment area. See this example below:



Meanwhile, the MJ2s, the variant dedicated to anti-vehicle munitions dispensing, is exponentially less effective at destroying vehicles. It seems the MJ2 munitions do not have the homing capabilities of the mix dispenser and just explode (ineffectively) wherever they land...example:



My first thought was that the mixed dispenser was simulating carrying a different munition that had sensor fused bomblets on them a la CBUs:




...but I'm not sure that's the case. I'm hoping for some info on what to expect. Is the mixed dispenser over performing or is the MJ2 just broken and will be fixed to match the mixed functionality?


Also...when will we see a proper implementation of the BK90 in multiplayer? The "big bomb" fix isn't doing it for me.

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Afaik the MJ1 is for unarmored targets and the MJ2 is for armored ones. Like you say, the mixed one seems to contain homing charges, which isn't the case IRL. I have come to the same conclusion as you, that the MJ2 is broken, and that is mainly due to the way spash damage is handled in DCS. I'm not sure the mixed loadout is overperforming compared to its real life counterpart, but as is it's the best loadout for damage output.


I am also waiting for a proper MP implementation, because the way it is now just doesn't cut it for me either.

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