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Cold start tutorial bug, 1.5.6 beta


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Hi there

Running the beta


When I run the cold start tutorial for the Sabre, after putting the engine master switch on, there's a text blurb that describes the procedure that is about to follow.

1) the text blurb goes away without the player hitting space, and does not allow for time to read and understand.

2) the battery starter switch is not indicated along with the three gauges and throttle, even though it is mentioned in the blurb.

3) after the blurb disappears, the instructions say >>>press space to continue. Pressing space once cause the focus chevros on the throttle and gauges to disappear. Pressing it again does nothing.


In order to move the sequence along I have to use the starter switch, but the feedback is lacking and I don't think the instructions work very well for new players like this. One thing that would be beneficial for -all- Sabre tutorial missions is for no cockpit device to be mentioned unless also marked by focus chevrons.



It's also useless for the tutorial to make remarks like "make sure the fuel consumption is not exceeding 500-800 pounds per hour". Else what? It's better to state a nominal value, and then, later, to address erratic conditions with specific tutorials and checklists that build our understanding and mastery of the aircraft. Otherwise it's fluff and not necessary.

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