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1.5 (not beta) Memory Usage problem


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I have an interesting problem since upgrading my machine:


I have unregistered and re-registered the modules OK.


DCS World 1.5 (non beta) will chomp through 16GB of RAM in a few seconds and then go on to a committed amount of nearly 64GB (!). You can see from the video that the sound starts to corrupt as the memory dwindles, and finally the graphics driver died which is what stopped this recording.


Steps I have taken to remedy this so far:



Cleanup (from BIGNEWY's sig - DCS_updater cleanup / DCS_updater repair)

Removed the DCS folder from Saved Games

Removed the modules and re-installed them all (followed by another cleanup and saved games folder removal)


The weirdest thing here is that 1.5 Open Beta works just fine.


Has anyone seen this before or have any more things that I can try?






EDIT: just seen the "released version" bugs and issues forum, please move this, apologies!

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Wrong forum, just realised there is a "Released version bugs and issues"
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