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Bug with oil temperature


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This has bothered me some time now, but going by the manual, the oil temperature should stay within 70-85 deg C on normal flight. When flying, it`s almost surreal how easy it is to reach that limit and go past it. Seems like going MW50 for a short power gain makes the temperature shoot up to 110-115 deg C. That while water coolant is remaining below 100 deg C. Does the oil really have that much worse cooler than coolant?


Also, in the manual it states that oil can be held at 95 deg C briefly, but having tested it some time ago, retried recently, one can fly with 110-120 deg C for a long time. Haven´t blown an engine on this, ever. After returning to base, and seeing if ground crew will repair the engine, they won´t.


So are the values in the manual bogus, or does this need a correction?


If it needs a correction, then I refer again to my question above, why would oil be cooled so much worse than coolant?

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