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Stopping AI Once It Is Activated


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I have a small mission where a helicopter is performing a medevac flight into a combat zone. Lots of tracers and booms and noise....fun.


I use a switched condition to activate the AI combat groups. It is triggered when the helo group leaves a zone centered on the FARP. Works like a charm; the helo exits the zone and a little war commences.


I'm going nuts though trying to figure out a strategy to stop the AI once the pickup is complete and the helicopter gets a sufficient distance away from the LZ. I thought the switched condition would do it. When the helo re-enters the zone, the AI would de-activate. But that ain't happening.


Got any hints?

Win 10 | i7 4770 @ 3.5GHz | 32GB DDR3 | 6 GB GTX1060

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I haven't played with Switched Condition in a while.


Something else that should work:


Once > Unit in Zone > Activate Groups & Flag 1 On


Once > Flag 1 On and Unit out of Zone > Deactivate Groups


So basically the helicopter enters zone, this turns on the AAA fire and Flag 1. Then when the helicopter is out of Zone after Flag 1 is on, the AI is turned off, set to hold fire, despawned, etc.

Awaiting: DCS F-15C

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