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double target point


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Hi there,


I noticed a small but persistent bug. I have created a SP mission with 7 waypoints. All 7 are perfectly in the CK37 after loading the data cartridge (9099 method). My target is cloe to waypoint B4 so I make that a target point by setting the CK37 to TAKT and IN and then pressing 9 and the B4 button. The waypoint correctly changes from B4 to M4 in the cockpit indicator, all fine. However, the waypoint B2 has now also changed into a target waypoint and is displayed as M2 as well. All other waypoints (B1, B3, B5-B7) are still good.


I have changed the mission a couple times now in the ME, including deleting waypoint 2 and inserting it again, but no change. Whenever I assign B4 as M4 the system changes B2 into M2 as well.


It's not a big deal, I am just wondering if anybody else noticed something similar?


Cheers, Christian

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