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Strings for cockpit controls


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Bf109K4.cb_a100 Generator On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_a100_1 Generator On

Bf109K4.cb_a100_0 Generator Off

Bf109K4.cb_d100 Pitot/Windscreen Heating On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_d100_1 Pitot/Windscreen Heating On

Bf109K4.cb_d100_0 Pitot/Windscreen Heating Off

Bf109K4.cb_c100 Nav. Lights On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_c100_1 Nav. Lights On

Bf109K4.cb_c100_0 Nav. Lights Off

Bf109K4.cb_c101 UV Lights On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_c101_1 UV Lights On

Bf109K4.cb_c101_0 UV Lights Off

Bf109K4.cb_v101 Wing / Drop Ordnance On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_v101_1 Wing / Drop Ordnance On

Bf109K4.cb_v101_0 Wing / Drop Ordnance Off

Bf109K4.cb_v100 Ignition On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_v100_1 Ignition On

Bf109K4.cb_v100_0 Ignition Off

Bf109K4.cb_a101 Battery On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_a101_1 Battery On

Bf109K4.cb_a101_0 Battery Off

Bf109K4.cb_f135 Radio On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_f135_1 Radio On

Bf109K4.cb_f135_0 Radio Off

Bf109K4.cb_f211 I.F.F. On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_f211_1 I.F.F. On

Bf109K4.cb_f211_0 I.F.F. Off

Bf109K4.cb_e101 Fuel Pump On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_e101_1 Fuel Pump On

Bf109K4.cb_e101_0 Fuel Pump Off

Bf109K4.safety Weapon Safety

Bf109K4.trigger_a Button A

Bf109K4.trigger_b1 Button B1

Bf109K4.trigger_b2 Button B2

Bf109K4.trigger_d Button D

Bf109K4.magnetos Magnetos

Bf109K4.magnetos_0 Magnetos Off

Bf109K4.magnetos_1 Magnetos M1

Bf109K4.magnetos_2 Magnetos M2

Bf109K4.magnetos_3 Magnetos M1+M2

Bf109K4.starter_cover Starter Handle Cover

Bf109K4.starter Starter

Bf109K4.pitch_mode Governor Automation On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_a104 Kill Switch

Bf109K4.trigger_t Button T

Bf109K4.cb_p102 SZKK 3 Weapon Control On/Off

Bf109K4.szkk3_pinion_lh Ammo Counter Setter Pinion

Bf109K4.szkk3_pinion_rh Ammo Counter Setter Pinion

Bf109K4.cb_t100 MW50 Boost On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_p150 Wing Cannons On/Off

Bf109K4.cb_v114 MK 108 / R 21

Bf109K4.cb_r101 Bomb Fusing Selector

Bf109K4.cb_r101_sov Bomb Fusing DIVE (INSTANT)

Bf109K4.cb_r101_smv Bomb Fusing DIVE (DELAYED)

Bf109K4.cb_r101_0 Bomb Fusing OFF

Bf109K4.cb_r101_wmv Bomb Fusing LEVEL (DELAYED)

Bf109K4.cb_r101_wov Bomb Fusing LEVEL (INSTANT)

Bf109K4.cb_c102 Left UV Lamp Brightness

Bf109K4.cb_c103 Right UV Lamp Brightness

Bf109K4.oxygen_valve Oxygen Operating Valve

Bf109K4.oxygen_shower Oxygen Emergency By-Pass

Bf109K4.uc_cover Undercarriage Controls Cover

Bf109K4.uc_0 Raise Undercarriage

Bf109K4.uc_1 Lower Undercarriage

Bf109K4.uc_emergency Undercarriage Emergency Release

Bf109K4.primer Fuel Priming Pump

Bf109K4.schnellstop Engine Stop

Bf109K4.fuel_pumps_quad Booster Pumps

Bf109K4.fuel_pumps_quad_0 Booster Pumps Off

Bf109K4.fuel_pumps_quad_1 Booster Pumps P1

Bf109K4.fuel_pumps_quad_2 Booster Pumps P2

Bf109K4.fuel_pumps_quad_3 Booster Pumps P1+P2

Bf109K4.fuel_type MW / Fuel

Bf109K4.fuel_jettison MW / Fuel Jettison

Bf109K4.radiators Radiators Mode

Bf109K4.radiators_0 Radiators Drive Off

Bf109K4.radiators_zu Radiators Close

Bf109K4.radiators_auto Radiators Automatic

Bf109K4.radiators_aus Radiators Open

Bf109K4.radiator_cutoff_lh LH Radiator Cut-Off

Bf109K4.radiator_cutoff_rh RH Radiator Cut-Off

Bf109K4.wheel_brake_lh Wheel Brake Left

Bf109K4.wheel_brake_rh Wheel Brake Right

Bf109K4.altimeter Altimeter Pressure Set

Bf109K4.ah_cage Horizon Cage

Bf109K4.repeater_compass Course Set

Bf109K4.clock_scale Scale Set

Bf109K4.clock_pinion Adjusting Knob

Bf109K4.clock_stop Time Setting Lever

Bf109K4.clock_stopwatch Start/Stop/Reset Chronometer

Bf109K4.cb_p112 Gun Sight Brightness

Bf109K4.gun_sight_body Gun Sight Fold

Bf109K4.gun_sight_tint Gun Sight Smoked Screen Up/Down

Bf109K4.fug16zy_mode FuG16ZY Preset Selector

Bf109K4.fug16zy_mode_1 FuG16ZY Preset 1

Bf109K4.fug16zy_mode_2 FuG16ZY Preset 2

Bf109K4.fug16zy_mode_tr FuG16ZY Preset TR

Bf109K4.fug16zy_mode_sq FuG16ZY Preset SQ

Bf109K4.fug16zy_tune FuG16 ZY Fine Tune

Bf109K4.fug16zy_volume FuG16 ZY Volume

Bf109K4.fug16zy_ftftyzf FT FT / Y ZF

Bf109K4.fug25_mode_1 FuG25 Mode 1

Bf109K4.fug25_mode_2 FuG25 Mode 2

Bf109K4.fug25_test FuG25 Test

Bf109K4.tail_wheel_lock Tail Wheel Lock

Bf109K4.canopy_operate Canopy Open/Close

Bf109K4.canopy_h Canopy Open/Close

Bf109K4.canopy_s Canopy Open/Close

Bf109K4.canopy_jettison Jettison Canopy

Bf109K4.trim_elevator_minus Stabilizer Trim Nose Up

Bf109K4.trim_elevator_plus Stabilizer Trim Nose Down

Bf109K4.flaps_plus Extend Flaps

Bf109K4.flaps_minus Retract Flaps

Bf109K4.notwurf Ordinance Emergency Release

Bf109K4.trigger_flare Fire Flare Gun

Bf109K4.throttle Throttle

Bf109K4.pitch_minus Decrease RPM

Bf109K4.pitch_plus Increase RPM

Bf109K4.fug16zy_tx Microphone On

Bf109K4.cb_e103 Governor Automation On/Off

Bf109K4.cold_weather_valve Cold Weather Start

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