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Engine gauge problems...


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Hello there,


I've got my copy of FC the day before yesterday (finally) and it's great :), but I've got a minor problem.


As you can see on the screens below, when I've full afterburner set, the gauges don't indicate so. It's strange, and not really nice when checking settings, though it doesn't really matter that much of course.


The gauges won't change till I set my throttle lower than that like 103%. Maybe it's normal with FC, if so, I'm sorry to bother you.


Here the screens in an F-15c, but same problem in an SU-27, so I'm quite sure I've this problem in every plane;



Not full afterburner indicated by the gauges


Outside view of the beautiful F-15c done by Walmis (big cheers :))



I've tried disabling all mods except Walmis one of the F-15 model (Why would it change the engine gauges of all the planes?), because it doesn't work with Modman, but nothing changed.


Thanks in advance

Sven aka Storm.i

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If you search some early threads you'll find some discussion on this.

As I remember it, it is a deliberate change made by E.D. using the logic that afterburners are "after" burners - that is after the main combustion chamber (& turbine blades) & so igniting them increases thrust, but not engine RPM.


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