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Warthog Wiring Help

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Hi ... for reasons I'll not go into here, other than to say I made a big mistake , I would like help with warthog joystick wiring connections.

Please note that for the purpose of this question I am ignoring the 5 pin socket coupling .... between the handle and the base units.

Please look at the diagram. I want to know which pin in the base connects to which pin in the handle as shown in the diagram.


example ..A to 1, B to 3 etc etc


and yes it was all my fault :) :pilotfly:





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A - not used


Ill check that later today ... either way I owe you one ... a few Budds at least! :megalol:


[Edit] .. CHECKED! Works fine ... thanks a million.

If I'm ever in Belarus I'll buy you a beer or three ... salute!

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