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Bug Report: AI bombing accuracy


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  • AI pretty much always miss targets with SB71HD
  • AI almost always misses (overshoot) target with SB71LD if current waypoint speed exceeds 500km/h
  • Using Rockets and the "Bombing" task is very ineffective. I set 4 AI to do a "Bombing" task on a Tigr unit, defining -Rockets and expend ALL.
    Ran test 4 times and they managed to destroy the Tigr once.
  • However unrealistic with the CAS role on the Viggen, setting it to CAS and having AI loadout only AKAN Gunpods they will fire 2 rounds (1 round per pod) per attack run.
  • AI does not know how to use the BK-90 properly. They follow the gliding munition in and get blown out of the sky upon impact. The munition will not glide like when fired by human. It glides in a straight slope towards the target and detonates on impact. No submunitions dispensed.


Tests done with Excellent AI and 0 wind.


Seems like the AI targeting can use a lot of tweaking.

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