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High Frequency Gaming Mouse View Stuttering Still Persists


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Well wild horses could not stop me so I just compromised on giving 2.5 OB a try early and only the base free game before I set it up with release properly with all modules. So this was flying with Su-25T.


Looks like this problem persists, the viewing sluggishness is still here.


This is the same exact thing I was going on with the wild goose chase with that "camera lag" thing.


But the root cause is still not known to me, I was suspecting the replay tracking system, but if it has to track so many things in the came why it can't track a few more mouse hits, so it's not clear to me.


The option which I floated at the time, more than 6 months ago, to disable replays in order to test this hasn't seen the light of day nor any mention of it so I guess it maybe tested and considered not a factor.


I plugged in a super cheap Logitech M100 mouse which has 125Mhz maximum USB refresh rate, works perfectly.


Testing this is totally obvious, because the game works with both mouses connected and moving one of them causes the view to stutter, moving the outer works as expected. However if it's not the poll-rate, as I figure by now why on earth isn't everyone else having this problem, surely most DCS players don't use cheap mouses?


If it's really so specific, at least it's noted so others don't mistake this with the other kind of stutterings.

Again, I really dislike the term "stuttering" on it's own, too broad, because everything these days is stuttering, whether it's storage time or frame time, or this, but this is totally different kind of stuttering, only the movement of the view is sluggish, the game works fine and FPS is unaffected.



This is under Windows 10, not Win7, which had the same problem, and default windows mouse drivers.

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