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Elapsed time


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Hello there


sorry if it's been asked before !


I have a new challenge, try to use lua for some scripts in the ME.


I am using the ME for some years without problems. Until now, I was only using basic rules for triggers.


This morning I decided to try those misterious DO SCRIPT actions... Without succes of course.


So, after reading some topics here (the sticky one about LUA), I wanted to do some basic stuff BUT I am a total noob in coding. I don't understand the LUA syntax.


Is there a good fellow here that could help me in order to achieve that ?


I ve tried these singletons :

Time function timer.getTime()

function trigger.action.outText(string text, Time delay)


My goal (e.g)

A plane enter a trigger zone at a given speed and altitude, a few moment later it enter a second trigger zone. I would like to display on the screen the elapsed time between those two zones !


Is that something easy to code in the ME with some scripts ?


(This topic was interesting but not clear enough for me) (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=152589&highlight=elapsed+time)

Dome display

I7 6700k (HT deactivated), 16go drr4, GTX 1080 TI, SSD, 4*1080 display @50hz (resolution 7680*1080), warping software

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