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Baur BRD-F2 pedals tilted slightly to the right

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I'm having an issue with my Baur BRD-F2 pedals where they're physically slightly tilted to the right:




It's enough that I can feel it slightly off-center when I'm resting my feet on them. If I press them slightly left, then it centers correctly:




Does anyone know if this is normal, and if not, how it can be corrected?

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Does the F-3 have the same issue?

No, there is another system.

In general, this happens very rarely.

1. I recommend that you use the second CAM profile. (my favorite)

2. You will need the help of a second person. It is necessary to weaken not a lot of screws that hold the profile of the CAM. Then press the left foot on the pedal to the end. Strong! And then tighten the two screws. And only after that weaken the leg.



Do you understand?


If this greatly upsets you. That my heart will not stand. Write to me on the mail. And we will decide the issue of your compensation.

---------- Head Designer ----------


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