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Mission Editor Save Corruption Bug Returns


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I've encountered this:




old bug again in 2.5 beta. I had copied and pasted a few flights, everything was fine, and then when I saved airbases vanished from the map and reloading the mission did not remove the issue.


My best guess is that as the mission gets larger, you run an increased risk of running into this issue. I had no problems with all of the smaller missions that I made, but this one particular mission was larger and began to run into the bug over and over.


The attached file contains the bugged mission and the log files after I closed the game. There is also a folder called "reoccurence" where I ran into the bug a second time after going back to an older, clean mission save.


Awaiting: DCS F-15C

Win 10 i5-9600KF 4.6 GHz 64 GB RAM RTX2080Ti 11GB -- Win 7 64 i5-6600K 3.6 GHz 32 GB RAM GTX970 4GB -- A-10C, F-5E, Su-27, F-15C, F-14B, F-16C missions in User Files


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