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coalition.addStaticObject not working in multiplayer


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With some friends, we are trying to spawn some objects 5 secondes after the server unpauses : (for example)



local obj1 =


type = "HEMTT TFFT",

country = 'USA',

category = "Unarmed",

y = 635546.15157148,

x = -317589.2727857,

name = "DictKey_UnitName_4841",

heading = 2.775073510671,


coalition.addStaticObject(country.id.USA, obj1)



The server sees this object, but not other users. (It's working with the 1.5.8 )


Am I missing something? I think it's a bug, but i may be wrong. :music_whistling:

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Its basically a sub-set of the invisible objects bug. It should be fixed whenever the next patch gets released.

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