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Fw 190 D-9 wont start after Patch 4


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After the latest open beta update 4 iam unable to startup the Fw 190 D-9.

I was testing this in instant play and custom mission enviroments on Caucasus map - 2018-03-14.


I do the procedure as always:

1. All circuit breakers on

2. Fuel pumps all the way up(1+2)

3. All magnetos on(M1 + M2)

4. Unlock throttle to startup position

5. Flaps to take off

6. Charge up the starter then fire it


After firing the starter the engine starts up as always but after like 1-2 secs it seizes.

Seems to me like theres no fuel coming into the engine? Fuel pumps not pumping?

Anybody experiencing similar issue?


Also another minor bug is that after spawning the landing gear button is in UP position. Meaning that if you forget to switch it to DOWN your landing gear retracts as soon as you turn on power...

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