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Viggenpilot (ENG/GER) looking for squadron


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I'm a 35year old flightsim enthusiast from Germany and looking for players to fly the Viggen in DCS together.


What I'm looking for:

- an active group to fly and have fun together

- structured teamplay

- german or english speaking

- balance between discipline and fun

- active other Viggen pilots (really wanna focus on that one for now)



What I bring:

- multiple years Flightsim and some milsim experience

- happy to take supporting or backup roles as well if it is part of a group effort

- Discord, TS


Due to family and job my engagement will vary from week to week. If I have time you can expect me to give 100%. But I will not agree to attend a fixed weekly training or alike as I won't be able to keep such a promise.


Looking forward to hearing from any interested pilots.

CU Fiete

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