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CROSSWIND Rudder Pedals (MFG)

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I have been using 1 set CH Rudder pedals since they were first produced (15+ years) without any issues except conducting a thorough cleaning once a year or so. The CH product has been outstanding.


I received my CROSSWIND pedals by MFG the other day;


From ordering on line to receiving ( Croatia to West Coast Canada) less than one month which I find outstanding considering Milan/Team produce the pedals from the ground up upon an order(?). It is very clear from the onset delivery is longer than one may expect.


Packaging is robust;


Customer service is outstanding; Milan responded to email queries the next day considering the 8 hour time difference; (my queries were regarding European Postal Service et al)


Setup and install extremely simply; and


Fidelity of response while flying, especially rotary wing....... simply exceptional; from a Model T to a Z1 Vette / 'Stang / a Viper / Jag or....... (Bleriot to fly by wire i should state 'tis a Flight sim after all)


Pricey but will worth the investment if you have the funds. I'll be 74 in another 15+ years; I suspect these pedals will be me last (Blindness and creakyness may set in ;-)


TiGGs sends :pilotfly:

Deadlines..... I love the sound when they go whooshing by.....


Windows 10 Pro w WARTHOG HOTAS and Crosswinds MFG Pedals;

i7 9700 @ 3.8GHz, Asus, 16 GB RAM; NVidia GTX 2070 GDDR5x VRam11Gb; 500Gb SSD; Oculus Rift S and a partridge in a pear tree :punk:

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