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F15 - tank fuel jettison - game crash


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Hello .


the hotas joysticks now works this hotfix bu...


i was on georgian war campagain for 3 times,

when i try to to jettison tanks game crash... can send the log .


also RWR in the F15 got the ICONS (diamonds, semicircles...)

but dont have the descriptions (29, BB, CS , etc )





A10C||F-14C||F-16C||F/A-18C||AV-8B||ASJ37||M-2000C||MIG15||MIG19||MIG21||F5-E||F86||FC3||P51D||Fw190||Fw190 A8||Bf109 D9||Spitfire||UH-1H||Mi8||GAZELLE||BShark2||CA||YAK52||CEagle2||L39||C101||i16||Supercarrier||


WINDOWS10 HOME ||asus GTX 1080|| 3440x1440 34' ||sixcore i7-3930k 3.2GHz || asus sabertooth x79 || 32GbRAM 2133Mhz || TM warthog || saitek cessna pedals || trackIR 5

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