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"PODS" on right hardpoints have no firing sound


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All "pod" type weapons (GUV 622/624 and 800, as well as UPK pods) produce no firing audio when mounted on the right (5 and 6) hardpoints; this doesn't seem to be the case for rockets and bombs. I'm on open beta branch version


To replicate: load pods on hardpoints 5 and 6 only (asymmetric loadout) and fire (alternatively, use a normal symmetric loadout and switch off left GUV CBs). I didn't get any audio from inside cockpit or external view.

Yes, I know it's unrealistic to do this and not a practical problem, but just want to be sure the devs are aware. I also understand if this is actually an intentional compromise to reduce the audio processing load.


Can anyone else confirm that it's not just my system?






(On a side note, I noticed that the 622/624 pod is listed as the "GUV YakB GSHP" in the ME rather than the expected 'GShG' consistent with the manual and Cyrillic 'ГШГ'. Just a typo or something I'm missing?)

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