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help with ME trying to set count for cockpit action.


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Hello , i was wondering if someone could possible help me.


Like a lot of people i love the KA50 but its lacks in training mission, so i thought i would have a go in the mission editor. the idea i have is something along the lines of maple missions for the A-10.


my first hurdle.


1, to have the officer to tell me to turn on a cockpit action like batteries

2, have a limited time to complete the task , so a count is in progress .

3 the count to cease when the task is complete.

4, then to give a score on said count.


so say from 0-5 sec = 15 points, 5-10 sec = 10 points, 10-15 = 5 points, and fail if not completed task..


so what i have is:

type : Condition: Action:

once time more 10 Message ( welcome etc)

flag is False 100 X: start listen command

Flag on 100


once flag is true 100 Message ( turn batteries on)

Flag is false 2 flag on 2


switch condition Flag is true 2 Message ( 1second)

1 second time since flag 2,1 flag on 3

flag is false 3

x:cockpit Argument


switch condition flag is true 2 Message ( 2 Seconds)

2 seconds time since flag 2,2 flag on 3

flag is false 3

x : cockpit Argument



I'm trying to use the battery message as a marker to set time , so I'm not using the internal clock with time is more , time is less, just so it gives me a little freedom.

if any of you guys can help an oldman i would be most greatful, there`s only so long you can scream at a monitor before the urge to throw out of the window takes over ! lol

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