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Can't turn ASW off after the recent update


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I'm not sure if it is a recent DCS update, but I'm not able to turn ASW off with Ctrl-NumPad1 any more. Is anybody experiencing the same?

i5-9600K@4.8GHz 32Gb DDR4 Asus TUF rtx3080 OC Quest Pro Warthog on Virpil base

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try pressing the numlock key.


for some reason right ctrl and num 1 didn't work for me either.

i pressed numlock (even though it was on) and this fixed it.


so try numlock in the game, even if its on, and try again.

My Rig: AM5 7950X, 32GB DDR5 6000, M2 SSD, EVGA 1080 Superclocked, Warthog Throttle and Stick, MFG Crosswinds, Oculus Rift.

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