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'UN pilot' mission for the UH-1 unplayable

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I play recently 'UN pilot" campaign for the Huey and encountered either strange AI routine or mission planing bug, which I wasn't able to correct in mission planner -- unit routs are locked. As a result the campaign is at that point unplayable -- mission ends with 'mission failed' status, and we can't progress the campaign further.


I want to address few things at the same time:


AI tries to fly as low as possible, jumping right before an obstacle like tree, power line, etc. That can be seen also in 'reporters mission', when we are supposed to follow a Mi-24 flight. Hinds fly comfortably low, but right before a mountain they literally stop to suddenly climb, thus decelerate from ~90kts to like 30kts. This behavior makes the task very tedious as Hinds are faster than Huey, however we can finish the mission without failure.


However in 'patrols' mission we follow a flight leader flying at tree top level and of course he flies erratically and jumps before any high enough obstacle in his way. About 1 minute of flight into the valley/canyon, after waypoint 4 I think, he once again jumped above some trees and crashed seconds later. My copilot took the controls and mission was failed, because I wasn't close enough to the flight leader.


I attached a screenshot and a track from the mission, but I suppose a screenshot is enough.






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I just started the UN Pilot campaign after a long break from the game and ran into the same issue with the "Reporters" mission, I haven't tried the "Patrols" mission yet.


In the Reporters mission the Mi-24 stop before the mountain and climbs, I have not been able to keep up with their speed and climb rate resulting in a crash.

FC3 UH-1

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