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MP Stutter after upgrade from 2k to XP


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i have been flying Lomac online for years now on my Win2000 machine without problems, recently i upgraded to WinXp SP2. Ever since then i cant fly online, as soon as i close in on another aircraft, it starts warping lime mad and lockon freezes every 2 seconds for about half a second.

The warping increases as i get closer until i finally loose connection to the server.

I can watch other planes in external views without problems, only if i close in on them things go bad, which is quite annoying because i fly formations mainly.

I connect at 128/128.

It seems to be not ping related, pings were well below 100 with only 2 people online when i first got that problem.

If i host a game, other players notice slight stuttering as well, although its way worse if i connect as a client.

No signs of problems in SP at all.

Even if i stay away from other planes, i get disconnected after a while for no apparent reason.

I found loads of threads covering MP stutter, but they all date back before 1.12a and the first stutter-fix.

Oh, of course LockOn is patched up to date.


My Specs:


Asus A7N8Xe deluxe

1GB DDR@150Mhz

Geforce6800LE softmodded to GT

100Mbit onboard NIC


Forceware 93.71


Thanks for your help,



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