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F-14A-GR IIAF/ IRIAF Low hang fruits?


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After release F-14A/B it will be interesting see too version which was in real battle.

On Iranian side.


I think that for HB Simulations it will be "low hang fruits" have next version of plane.

But am not sure how much detailed informations was uncovered.


In book "Iranian F-14 Tomcat units combat" (Osprey Combat Aircraft.49)


there was some information released:




changes against F-14A US NAVY:


- downgraded ECM

- downgraded ECCM

- AWG-9 changed frequencies or jumped wavelengths/ counter jammings

- Processors was slowered about 1/100 against US NAVY F-14A processors

- APX-81-M1E IFF system for Iranians could only detect and interoggate transponders of Soviet origin



Air to Air loadout

AIM-54A Phoenix (ECCM was there a bit downgraded)

AIM-7E Sparrow (AIM-7F never been delivered to Iran)

AIM-9 Sidewinder



TF30-PW-414 (Was less prone to stall engine than original engine TF30-PW-412 mounted to first series of F-14A for US Navy)

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