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TM Wartog Spit final Target Script


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I made a full backup. Thought I'd share.

It is my final since for me, it is flawless.

Hitting enter before I time out...

Spitfire Ultimate.zip

Edited by DeepDrummer
MIssing radio channels on templates and kneeboard. Bindings are fine.

Win 10 pro 64 bit. Intel i7 4790 4 Ghz running at 4.6. Asus z97 pro wifi main board, 32 gig 2400 ddr3 gold ram, 50 inch 4K UHD and HDR TV for monitor. H80 cpu cooler. 8 other cooling fans in full tower server case. Soundblaster ZX sound card. EVGA 1080 TI FTW3. TM Hotas Wartog. TM T.16000M MFG Crosswinds Pedals. Trackir 5.

"Everyone should fly a Spitfire at least once" John S. Blyth

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