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Missions and map extensions, features list


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It doesn't seem that any Missions are listed for the map for any of my modules. Instant Action is mostly there. Are there plans to add Missions for the existing aircraft modules (older and recently released), or would you only get those from separately sold campaigns or modules yet to be released? Just curious since obviously there would be tons of other content available.


Would it also be possible to create separately sold extensions for the map(s)? Say if people want the rest of Oman or to extend the Iran part west or north, each could be an extension for maybe $10 but still a part of the same map? Since we already have limited&full versions of the map coming, would this just be too complex? You'd need to eventually consider like 20+ different map modules when figuring out if you're compatible with your friends or some MP server. One way to do it could be to make the maps mostly low level of detail and sell the mid/high parts as extensions for areas that people want.


I didn't easily spot a comprehensive features list / roadmap for this map, hence asking. The ED store obviously has a list but that is low granularity. Maybe somebody from the community could create a kind of a FAQ?

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