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AI Helicopters ignore alt_type from Mission task via scripting?


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DCS and I haven't tried this with planes.


If I set a helicopter group's task with group:getController():setTask() using a task type of Mission, the group will follow the waypoints but appear to ignore the alt_type parameter -- they always fly BARO.


If I set waypoints in the ME that are ASL (so alt_type RADIO in the mission waypoint list), the AI appears to follow the setting correctly.


I attached a test mission and the script.


I checked the ED wiki (http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/wiki/Simulator_Scripting_Engine/DCS:_World/Part_2#Tasks) which does show alt_type as a parameter for the Mission task route points, so I don't _think_ it's something I'm doing wrong, but my searches haven't shown anyone else reporting it as a problem.



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