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Standard crash in A-10C Air-to-Air Training Mission


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Crash report with DXDIAG was sent, but I wanted to add that I was doing a lot of ALT-TAB action which probably isn't noted in a crash log.


I was reading the A-10C Flight Manual PDF using Foxit PDF Reader Version: and doing some notes in text document using Programmer's Notepad.


Showing the desktop properly with DCS is cumbersome as usual, it works for going through other windows, but just showing the desktop space takes some persistance hitting the "Show Desktop" button and other keyboard keys.


Other stuff I had opened was firefox, and windows explorer.


One other thing is, I was doing the same the day before, and the computer remained on during the night, however DCS was shutdown and restarted in the morning.


It crashed when I maximized/focused the DCS application again.

Modules: A-10C I/II, F/A-18C, Mig-21Bis, M-2000C, AJS-37, Spitfire LF Mk. IX, P-47, FC3, SC, CA, WW2AP, CE2. Terrains: NTTR, Normandy, Persian Gulf, Syria


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