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T50CM Assignment Diagram Blank

Johnny Dioxin

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***Full FC3 profiles and diagrams added to download section!



Hi Chaps & Chapettes,


I just finished my blank daigram for my T50CM2 Grip and as promised, here it is:




I don't like using text boxes -firstly, because I rarely find them an appropriate size and they make it look more of a mess and secondly because I always use at least one modifier, so in my case each control always has at least 2 functions.


I haven't received my T50 grip and base yet - but when it gets here and I've used it a while I may update the diagram.


Hope you find it useful :)


PS - of course, I will be attempting a similar diagram when the CM throttle is out - but that won't be until probably August (release in July, and if I'm able to get an order from the first batch) and is going to be very difficult anyway, due to the busy layout of the device. I'll likely do one for the throttle handles and a separate one for the panel, as I did with the X56.


Open to suggestions as well - it's a learning thing.


**forgot to mention - the lower grip button is shown in pink - that's cos I always use it as a pinky modifier, but you could label it easily, there's enough space.

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I'm doing a new assignment diagram for the CM2 stick - a different type of layout, showing only the switches - will upload it as soon as it's finished.


The point is to try and give more space for writing or printing the assignments, whilst knowing instantly which input is referred to. With this busy a stick, it's not as simple as other sticks, with around 36 inputs - not even considering modes or modifiers.


EDIT: Here it is - not sure which I prefer, as yet:



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Okay, some more diagrams and profiles to share. I'm flying 90% Flaming Cliffs just now, as it uses more input controls than the DCS modules (assuming one uses the cockpit controls in the aircraft rather than keys) and therefore will let me learn my new HOTAS the quickest.


This profile is meant for all FC3 aircraft - so it has a mixture from across the board. There are plenty of unassigned inputs, where controls can be added or moved as required. It uses my standard modifiers of pinky & perky and their usual colour coding. Please note that the stick diagram and profile have changed slightly - new image is posted above.


Any questions - fire away :)


Hope it's of use. I'll upload the profiles once I've finished inputting them for every FC3 aircraft.


***Updated 26-6-19 this is the final (HI) and covers all FC3 aircraft - edited to add aircraft specific functions ;) The profiles are attached, too (zip includes the diagrams).







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Blank charts


These are awesome. Im not able to click on it and download it. Ive been making a chart....but mine sucks compared to these. What can a do to get these as a file i can print off on pdf?


I got it....just did what it said to..ha. Trying to plan swap over from WH throttle tp Virpil.

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OK - in my attempts to make these easier to read whilst wearing a VR headset, I've gradually made various changes and these are the ones I'm currently using.


I should say that I now only label buttons and switches that are different to my default set. All views, comms, engine starting and other actions that every module needs are what I class as my 'default set'. I will always remember what those are and where they are - so to save having so many labels on a diagram, sometimes making them appear very full and busy, I no longer even print the controls that they are assigned to.


So with that in mind, here is my current T50 stick diagram:





This is not the last one - I have just taken some new photo's of my stick and throttle - which I then convert into these diagrams - and intend to make some simpler, clearer ones in the near future.


Once I've done that, I'll post the diagrams for all of my modules, along with the profiles themselves, so that anyone who wants can download and use them and change them to suit themselves. I'll upload them as an archive, in the user files section. - That will be a little while, yet, as it all takes time to do.


Here's my current throttle (v3) handle diagram:





I also don't print the modifier buttons any more - same reason.


My defaults are like this:






PS - use as you like ;)

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