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Vive: Can't look around, view is stuck


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So my plane (A-10C) loads up just fine, but the view is stuck looking ahead (and slightly down). So when I move my head around, the cockpit and world is just moving around with it. I've gone through all the settings (not many to play with really) and nothing seems to make a difference.


Possibly unrelated, I discovered that if I had my camera running for head tracking, then since I wasn't wearing my IR headset, the view was stuck looking straight up. Also tried closing down all the Opentrack software for the head tracking, and that also made no difference.


Google searches dont seem to show anyone with similar problems. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? I had it working a long time ago with the steam version of DCS World, with a different GPU, but that was only to check it out for like 10 minutes to see if it worked(it did, but was unplayable since I was using the Vega GL Radeon built into my laptop. I've since upgraded to a 1070 in and external enclosure).


Important note, everything works just fine in the menus before I load up a plane. its only in the cockpit that I have problems


Thanks ahead.


Edit: So I installed the steam version and it works fine in VR... But what's interesting, is now the regular version works too. So now I'm going to uninstall the steam version too see if it still works after. Useless for me to have the steam version since all my modules are through ED.

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