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DCS Voice Chat


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Starting ver. 2.5.5 we introduced new DCS feature - Voice Chat (VC). For the first release it included very basic functionality: 3 fixed rooms (COMMON, BLUE, RED), Microphone control (Use always, Mute, Push to talk) and sound device assignment. BLUE and RED rooms created when any user occupied slot. We want to check VC server mass loading and to collect your responses and wiches for this stage.


Client's part


First of all you have to assign desired hardware sound device for use in DCS (see picture)




- it's new option. Go to OPTIONS - SOUND and choose device for VC output and Input (usually Mic). Here you can direct main sound stream (world sounds, cockpit sounds) to the external acoustic system and headphones sounds and voice chat sounds (item 'Voice Chat output') to your headphones.


Note: 'default' device can work inproperly, so please make your correct device choise in this tab.


Then select type of microphone control when you in game. You can 'Mute' microphone, 'Use' it always or use special kb or joystick key (button) - Push To Talk (PTT). In order to assign PTT key just go to OPTION - Control and assign desired button in the User Interface layer (see picture).




Also client have to check box 'Voice Chat' at the page bottom (unchecked by default). That's all, you can connect to the server with working voice chat.


VC panel in multiplayer appears after connect to server (see picture).




You can hide or call it using default combo {LCtrl+LShift+Tab} (this combo can be reassigned in OPTIONS - CONTROLS - UILayer). To move between rooms click on room name, to show/hide room members click arrow.


In MP game user will be moved to coalition room automatically as soon as he takes aircraft. However user can jump into COMMON coalition and back every time. User can't jump into enemy's coalition and can't hear their talks.


Note: client can't interrupt sound data from peers to his PC from simulation. n order to use another speech software you have to return to Main Menu, open OPTIONS - SOUND and uncheck 'Voice Chat' checkbox.


Server part


Start create server, press Advanced Settings and check item 'Voice Chat server' (see picture).




Now you can launch server, all clients will see your server with option 'Voice chat server: yes'. Web interface for dedicated server has the same checkbox. By default it unchecked.


Note 1 for server hosters ONLY. Voice chat system use port 10309. Routers with upnp option will translate that port automatically (tested) as soon as DCS server launched. But some routers can't do it due to unknown reason. In case of your clients doesn't hear one another (and even doesn't see one another in VC panel) just manually translate that port for both TCP+UDP protocols.


Note 2 for hosters: to change VC port add line


into 'Saved Games\%DCS_SERVER_HOME_FOLDER%\Config\autoexec.cfg


We do not recommend to change this port because of client should do the same. In future planned to incorporate sound stream into main DCS network data and use one port for both DCS and Voice Chat.


Report all bugs and feature requests here:






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