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  1. We would need verifiable public data on that, and it is unlikely that we will.
  2. please add track replays if you are seeing issues thanks
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum I have reported this already and I have asked the team to take another look at it. thanks
  4. If the PC is rebooting I would first check temperatures and power issues. Take a look at windows event viewer it may have some clues.
  5. The team will be taking a closer look at it in the future, for now I have marked it w.i.p
  6. Thanks threads merged into bugs. Edit: We do already have a report open for checking the Yaw / crabbing thanks
  7. Hi If the rotor is turning and is broken there will be shake. The bug was the shake continued after the rotor had stopped.
  8. I must be missing this, can you show me where the SME has said it is double?
  9. Thanks I have added to another report we have open for target points.
  10. Hi, in your axis ensure the trackIR is assigned correctly thanks
  11. Work on flights of more than one AI will come in the future, this first change was focused on the 1 v 1 scenario. thanks
  12. No, not fixed, I still think it is related to the SA5, I have just made a new track replay for the team and they are still investigating thanks
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