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DCS Instruction or Training Videos Play from Opening Screen In DCS World.


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It is truly a missed opportunity for DCS World for not allowing users to edit the opening screen for DCS, which only allows for the display of a picture (base-menu-window.png) instead of playing a YouTube URL link for the videos listed in the "Instruction Videos".



Imagine when you open DCS World and instead of seeing a static picture of a jet, you would be able to edit "Themes" and have a window for which you can insert a "YouTube Video URL" for your favorite Instructional or Tutorial video to play while you are looking at the opening screen. I can imagine many possibilities here, but I think DCS is missing this opportunity.




In the next update, it would be nice to see the ability to play YouTube Videos in the opening screen of DCS World and allow users to select a YouTube video to be seen when opening DCS World.



Just a thought.

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