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I thought there was a specific thread for reference material, links etc, but I can't find it - in fact I know there was one for WWII/Normandy, because I visited it a few weeks ago :helpsmilie:


Anyway, I just came across a really excellent source of printed and electronic info whilst doing some research for one of the campaign writers - especially for WWII - at the Morton Group (and they use Classic Magazines) and some of the material is also available for kindle.


I just got off the phone with them (turns out they are just a few miles up the road from my home here in Bomber County) and they said not to worry if issues are shown out of stock - which a lot are - as they invariably become available again either on one of the websites or electronically with Kindle or pocketmags on android/iPhone.


Here is a sample of some interesting issues:


Kindle only atm:



D-Day RAF - The RAF's part in the Great Invasion


at the website:






Spitfires over Berlin




Battle of Britain




This one covers the period between the wars as well as WWII and after - I bought it and it has a lot of eye-opening stories of various air force's operations:



Special Operations




also, here are some great stories to provide further details and inspiration:




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