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My sounds for the Sidewinder low level course


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Howdy, I've been flying an A10c for about 6 months and having a blast. In December, I bought the Nevada terrain, and flew some fly-through missions. I had been hotdogging between mountains in the Caucasus and watching videos of real jets hotdogging through the Star Wars, Death Valley, and MachLoop Wales. So when I saw the fantastic "Sidewinder low level course" from Kingsnake11, I was thrilled. I didn't much care for the overdriven .ogg sound bites though (I'm using windows 10 pro). So, I studied up on the Mission Editor and dug into the mission.


I made new sound files for the 3 groups - Ford, Dodge, and Infield. My wife did the Dodge female pilot voice. I also changed the alphabet to military. I tried to contact Kingsnake11 to let him know I was doing this, but I couldn't seem to find him. If you are interested in this mission from 2018, and interested in changing out the sound files, then read on:


This is assuming you don't know how to use the Mission Editor: Download the Sounds folder and put it in the "saved games/DCS/missions folder on your Win10 system. Not sure where they go on Mac. Then, open the Mission Editor, and open the "Sidewinder low level course" mission of your choice, there are 4 of them. Then, you only have to click on the trigger rules icon on the left and you are there!


Do a "save as" first and give it a new name. Then, click on each rule. Click on "Sound to all", then look below to click on the sound browser to go to the new sound folder and select the same .ogg file name, it will load the new file into the mission. But also click on the "message" up above and change any alphabet characters to the military alphabet. It is extremely tedious, but when you are done, save the mission and give it a try!


BTW, I did learn that you can change the .miz to .zip and extract the whole mission. There you could change out the text in a folder called dictionary and the sound folder directly. Unfortunately, I couldn't rezip the mission back up, the security wouldn't let me.

Also BTW, you can monitor chatter on 315.9 from other planes. Even though the sound is good, I was going to create my own to be consistent. But no matter how far I dug, I could not figure out where the chatter sounds are stored or triggered. The chatter is annoying anyway, so I keep the UHF on 251 anyway so I can link up with the tanker and not hear the chatter.


Sorry for the long email, hope you are interested in this.

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