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Ships Attack Group and Fire At Point


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Hey all, been working on some missions and having difficulties getting ships to fire at point and attack group, I have tried every possible setting and its coming up unreliable.


On one mission they decided to play ball after settings changes, reloading, retrying they attack the unit in question and on a second mission I just cant get them to cooperate at all, depite copying the setting exactly.


Things I have tried:


- Every possible weapon choice for the attack from AUTO to missiles. (I can only get cruise missiles to fire and then he goes off with cannon rounds after one missile launch, even though I have specified Cruise missiles specifically.


- Every possible ship type offered on the Russian side


- Tried setting probability to 100% and time more than (specified time after mission start) on the conditions tab.


- Someone suggested using a small window of Weapons free on the waypoint markers but the ships just go crazy and I cant account for vr performance while multiple ship groups are engaging at will. Although looking epic it really needs another option.


- Everything else I cant think of now...


Looking forward, may need to start using scripting methods if unable to rely on the ME UI functions.


In the past I have had the same missions working fine with no fiddling required, is it something to do with the new 2.5.6 build or am I missing something really obvious?


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