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ME files loose volume strength.


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Sounds added in the mission editor in the action panels' "SOUND TO ALL" (for example) have half the volume of the actual sound file's original.


Play the file xyzsound.ogg on the PC and sound is a good quality and volume, but insert it into the editor and click the playback button under the ACTIONS window to test the sound, and it plays at half the originals' actual volume.


I use alot of sounds in my missions and struggle to make them loud enough because the Mission Editor lowers much of the files original clarity and volume, especially when it comes to a voice.


The only work around is to cut back all other OPTIONS AUDIO volumes and boost the "In Helmet" slider volume, but then there is no uniformity and always a guessing game for each player with different mission.miz files.


If someone from ED could acknowledge that ED is aware of this and this is something that might be addressed at some point in the future, it would gratefully console me.


Thank you.

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