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Yawing motion spawning airborne when wind is from certain directions


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If you spawn airborne in the UH-1H and the wind is blowing at 7 knots and coming from between 45 and 145 degrees, the aircraft makes a violent yawing motion to right just after you spawn in. The aircraft then quickly returns to the heading you spawned into. The yaw is much less pronounced the closer the wind is to coming from between 45 and 145 degrees. When the wind is coming from 90 degrees the yaw is the most severe. I have seen this behavior between 1000 ft and 3000 ft AGL


Caucasus map Example here


However, if the wind is blowing at 10 knots the wind range for the violent yaw is between 36 and 59 degrees. Other wind speeds may have different yaw inducing ranges.

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