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308 RAF Recruiting


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308 Squadron RAF is recruiting up to 7 new pilots who are serious hardcore sim enthusiasts.




Warning: This group is not for most people, know this, and read below in its entirety if your interest is peaked.






We're here to emulate the flyers who fought in World War 2 plain and simple. We do research on flyers from the era, take that person on as our "virtual life" while flying competitively in PVP in the various WW2 combat sims available on the market.




We value:


Teamwork ~ We succeed and fail as a unit, we fight and die together as virtual bro's and take that seriously


Success / Survival ~ We balance mission objective, pilot survival in order to get the best balance of living these young men's lives airborne virtually


Fun ~ The underlying reason we do this hobby




We have no ranks, a laid back atmosphere..... However, once airborne we are steely eyed warriors ready to rip out the enemy player's throats!




Recruitment Requirements


~ Must be 21 year old minimum (no leeway here)


~ Fly during North American Timezones


~ Must have a mic and be able to talk in voice


~ Must own one of the following: DCS WW2, IL-2 Great Battles, or IL-2 CLOD.


~ Must speak English fluently


~ Must be willing to do a checkout flight with a squadron pilot in order to determine your proficiency in basic aircraft operations (can be done in one of the sims above)


~ Must be willing to fly in a historical manner, in formation, listening to the flight lead of that flight


~ Must be willing to take criticism from your wingmen and leaders, and they should expect the same if its in order to become better, it's not personnel


~ Must be willing to take the initiative to learn the procedures the squadron executes with initiative, having to feed this info like a spoon fed baby is not tolerated, you've been warned.




What this place is not, and will not be tolerated


~ Exploiting game mechanics to win, pad stats, or survive (goes against the core tenant of why this place is here)


~ This is not the place to learn how to start, taxi, and do basic operations of the aircraft, the checkride screens this out (If this is you, it gives yourself the ruler from which to measure where you're at and where you need to get in order to become a pilot on the roster.)


~ This is not the place to expect to fly one side of the war only


~ Single sim fanboyisim will not be tolerated, they each have a niche and slightly different experience




What you can expect


~ You're gonna learn a metric crap-ton about aircraft you had in some cases little interest in, and about the people who flew them


~ You can expect this to be a journey like nothing else you've ever experienced in a combat sim


~ This journey will peak your interest resulting in you buying books on various aircraft, the aces that flew them, and likely aircraft purchases in game to satisfy that interest that has been fed to you


~ You can expect multiple "campaigns" where we emulate a certain squadron, first one might be a Spitfire Mk IX squadron, after conclusion it might be a Stuka Squadron, followed by a I-16 squadron, the world is our oyster


~ You can expect me to help guide you along with my lifetime love of combat aviation, and try to open your mind to as wide a swath of air combat history as possible, and integrate this into PVP servers




So what does the flight evaluation include?


The applicant must perform the following:


~ Start aircraft with no coaching


~ Taxi to runway safely


~ interval takeoff


~ Join into formation safely


~ Maintain formation safely in turns


~ split up for tail chase, and keep sight


~ rejoin into spread


~ execute mock dogfight from spread


~ rejoin parade formation for RTB


~ Enter Overhead Break


~ Fly Pattern


~ Land safely


~ Shutdown on ramp


I passed the flight eval!


Congrats!, You'll be in a probationary status for two weeks, to ensure you're the right fit. You're ability to go out and learn the way we operate using your own initiative and drive will be evaluated, as well as your social fit with the other members. Upon finishing this period you'll be given an aircraft for the current campaign we're flying.




So you don't ONLY fly the Spitfire?


Absolutely not! Each campaign, 308 will pick a squadron that flies an aircraft in one of the three major WW2 flights sims, we will do research on them, each pilot will pick a real life pilot who flew in that squadron and take him on as his virtual life. The first campaign is 308 squadron in Spits, however next campaign could be anything form JU-52s, to HS-129s, to Macchis, to I-16s. 308 Squadron will remain the group's name and tags will remain. I take combat aviation history very seriously, and study from the earliest air combat to the modern era, this place has been built to drag 10 dudes thru every bump in the WW2 combat aviation road.




How does the virtual life system work?


We'll use the current spit campaign as an example. Once your pilot is captured or killed, his virtual life will be over, and the squad member must find another real life WW2 flyer from that squadron to pick up his new virtual life. Learning something about the real life man who flew that machine is recommended to make it actually mean something. During the campaign we have a Tally board showing the players stats. Upon death, we create a little memorial to our deceased virtual aviators with a little info about the real life man. Think of this as a real life logbook you can scroll thru and see all the squads previous virtual lives. Our kill system will include a verification process, either another pilot observed the kill with you, or if flying solo, a screen shot or tacview recording will be required for kill confirmation. If we pick up an attack aircraft squadron next, the same confirmation system will be required, but instead of counting kills, it will be ground targets destroyed.




Discord Link (only join if you're serious about this, lurkers will not be tolerated)



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