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Control rare random hang up

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Never happened like this in this game,Control Remedy. I was able to run game 24 hours without issue. But few days ago game after 2 hours just freeze,hang up. Mouse not responding,keyboard not responding only in game. Character stop moving. I use only CTRL ALT DELETE logout from system.Event viewer nothing about crash,no driver crash. Just simply game freeze hangs. Killed in task manager i.

I have 2080 Ti Aorus NO OC stock,9700K Stock.


Any ideas why that happened? My pc are stable. But i dont know if something is broken in pc?



It happened again,second time. I reproduced that.This time after 20 hours. All freezes,character stop moving,mouse not reacting,keyboard stop responding. All i can do is to CTRL ALT DELETE and kill game in task manager. No display driver crash,no app crash in event log.

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