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MSVCRT.DLL Crash - Possible solution


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Hi all, I had this nightmare for almost 3 weeks now. I searched internet and there are many other users with the same problem, NOONE HAS A SOLUTION.


This is considered an issue within the DLL HELL specific. Although the most common solution to create a blank file with the same name of the exe and also extension .local "should" solve the issue, really it didn't work for me.. neither for amny many others.


Yesterday I found my solution, and I like to share with you all.


I guess the reason for this issue is an update somewhere, because the issue arised only about 3 weeks ago. Talking with a few programmers friend of mine, they suggested the issue could be with a .NET SP1 that has been recently released. My final test after I tried all "known" solution for the last 4 days was to relaoda my system to a Ghost copy I saved last month.

Last month I had a full install of my new system, so I saved a System image after the major installed programs, utilities and major Windows upgrades.


Reloading at that stage, LockOn IS WORKING GREAT! Full test yesterday, no crash whatsoever, campaign nice and smooth.....


Last nite popped out the .NET updated to be installed, with a few of other security stuff..

I made nother ghost before update and now i m testing. Till now, with the >NET SP1 running is still nice and smooth. I might think something went corrupted during that upgrade eventually.


If I will find the problem again, I will roll back to this ghost and I will skip the .NET update in the future.


Suggestion for you guys, if u have a chance... Reinstall Winzozz and make a image of ure system when u r sure all is working fine, then be carefull to the .NET upgrades.



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