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More problems with GBU 38


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So, ive figured out that if I use the DMT to fire on a target with the GBU38, Im 100 percent accurate.


Problem, targeting the first target is EASY with the DMT, absolutely no issue.


However using the DMT after the first GBU38 launch is impossible, the DMT gets stuck in "INS" mode and will not come undone. Sometimes when I use the undesignate target button, Ill get the DMT back, but most of the times I wont. If I un-select the J82, the DMT will come right back, I can slave to a target, designate the target, then as soon as I click "J82", the DMT flips back to INS.


What in blazes am I doing wrong? PS- no tpod attached, as the tpod gives really crazy inaccurate results with the GBU38



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