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Weekend Newsletters - 2015


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Dear Pilots!


This week we continued working on debugging of DCS World 1.5 Open Beta and moved very close to its final release. We were also focused on DCS: L-39 Albatros, debugging, developing training missions and implementing all declared functionality. So, we plan to update you with new version of these products next week. As always, please feel free to provide us problems you may encounter in DCS World 1.5 and L-39 using our dedicated forum at:






DCS World 2.0 and DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map


Much of the team is now focused on getting DCS World 2.0 and the Open Alpha release of the Nevada map ready for launch in late November 2015. There are a few items we are still cleaning up, but all looks on track.


In the meantime, we have a wonderful DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map video, created by X-stounds, for your enjoyment:



DCS e-shop






October Screenshot Contest


Many thanks to all those that entered the October screenshot contest. You guys submitted many great entries!


We will now be creating a page to allow you, the community, to vote and decide the winners.


Standby for more contests coming soon.





Weekend Sale


From today and until Monday, November 2nd at 9:00 AM GMT, we are offering a weekend sale of DCS: UH-1H Huey and DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight. Many new features have been added to these aircraft in DCS World 1.5, and we’d like you all to experience these amazing modules created by BelSimTek. You can purchase these modules here:






Black Shark 2: The Republic Campaign


Last week we began sales of The Republic campaign for Black Shark 2 and we hope you all are enjoying it. For those that have not already done so, you can purchase it here:




Here are several images taken from the campaign:









The Eagle Dynamics Team

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  • ED Team

MiGs versus Sabers




Dear pilots!


We are excited to announce the opening of registration for our first on-line tournament: DCS "MiGs versus Sabers", which will happen from 13 to 22 November 2015. This will later be following by other, similar on-line tournament.


To take part, contestants need to own one of the two following modules:

  • DCS: MiG-15bis
  • DCS: F-86F Sabre


Participants, who own both modules, could choose their ride of choice for this tournament.


Prizes for this tournament include:

  • I Place - $400.00
  • II Place - $250.00
  • III Place - $150.00




Registration will take place in the "MiGs versus Sabers" topic in the "Tournaments" section of the Eagle Dynamics forum between 6 and 12 November 2015.


Featured for this event, we are offering a 30% discount on both DCS: MiG-15Bis and DCS: F-86F Sabre between Friday, November 6th 1500 GMT to Monday, November 16th 0900 GMT.





Happy hunting!
























Black Shark.jpg












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  • ED Team

Nevada, Spitfire cockpit and WWII German bundle




DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map Open Alpha

Today we are very excited to announce that the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map Open Alpha is nearing release. A massive amount of time and effort has gone into this project and we are looking forward to having it in your hands very soon.




Take advantage of the pre-sell price now, before the savings vanish in a short time once the Open Alpha is released.


DCS World War II Update and Sale


DCS World War II continues to move forward following the release of the P-51D, Fw 190 and Bf 109. These modules have set a gold standard for simulated World War II combat aviation.

We are now though in the final stages of preparing for the release of our next DCS World War II module… DCS: Spitfire Mk IX! In the tradition of our previous three warbirds, the Spitfire will embody a professional level flight model, accurate cockpit systems, highly detailed external model and cockpit, authentic sounds, detailed damage model, animations, and effects. Our engineers have created an amazing flight model based British archives of authentic wind tunnel tests.




In addition to the Spitfire, we also realize that a World War II combat theatre is more than just the planes, it is also the combat theatre. In parallel with the aircraft, we are also hard at work on the Normandy map as well as many period ground units like tanks and other vehicles. We are committed to creating the most authentic recreation of World War II air combat ever done.


To commemorate this news, we are offering a special bundle deal of the Fw 190 and Bf 109 modules. Get this bundle now with a 20% savings, plus you can get an additional 30% savings using bonus points. This can add up to a 50% discount!






Please note that all DCS modules will work seamlessly in DCS World 2.0. However, when we move to DCS World 2.0, some module prices may increase. So, take advantage of these savings now.


Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!


The Eagle Dynamics Team





Единственный урок, который можно извлечь из истории, состоит в том, что люди не извлекают из истории никаких уроков. (С) Джордж Бернард Шоу

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  • ED Team

DCS World Weekend News - December 4th, 2015




Dear Pilots!


It’s been almost a week since the release of DCS World 2.0 and the Open Alpha of the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map. We are very happy to see the overwhelming positive response to the quality of the map and the level of enjoyment it is providing you. We do though realize that many of you are having problems downloading and installing DCS World 2.0 and the Nevada map. Our engineers are working to improve this and we are adding new file servers to improve this situation. Thank you for your patience. The Alpha release of the Nevada map has been very useful test for us to plan later, large releases.




DCS World 1.5 Update

Although a lot of the public focus has been on DCS World 2.0 and the Nevada map this past week, we continue to update and improve DCS World 1.5. Once we further debug version 1.5 and we make the Caucasus map compatible with DCS World 2.0, we will merge 1.5 content into a unified version 2.0. Next week though we plan to release a 1.5.2 update.


DCS World 2.0 and Nevada Map Update

Over the past week, we have been keeping a very close eye on bug reports and have noted them in our bug tracking database. We are now in the process of addressing those bugs in order to bring the map from Alpha to Beta. We expect to bring you the first Nevada map update next week.


Here are some great screenshots of Nevada




Weekend Sale

This weekend’s sale will begin on Friday, December 4th at 1500 GMT and last until Monday, December 7th at 0900 GMT. For some great Nevada map action, an F-15C, Su-27, A-10A and Su-25 bundle will take 40% off the price of each individual module, plus you can take off an additional 30% using bonus points. This can provide you a 70% savings!


DCS E-shop





Have a great weekend,

The Eagle Dynamics Team





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  • ED Team

DCS World Weekend Update - December 11th, 2015




Screenshot Contest Winners


A hearty congratulations to the three winners of our 2015 Screenshot Contest! There were many wonderful entries, but in the end we had to pick just three!


1st place by Jester Darrak



2nd place by MAX123



3rd place by ESA_maligno



Though, there are some other nice pictures which you may use for posters or somehow else.. Enjoy!



DCS World 1.5.2 Update



Today we have updated DCS World Open Beta to Ver. 1.5.2 with the following primary changes:

  • Stability improvements
  • Continued work on Chinese localization and textures
  • New Mi-8MTV2 features like anti-icing “SECTION X” lamps and current heating for windows
  • Fixes and improvements to the L-39C.
  • F-86F improvements, including improved input for clock, canopy controls, rudder switch and fire warning system
  • MiG-15bis improvements, including: fixed marker activation over NDBs and adjusted G-suit performance
  • A-10C improvements, including fixes for no elevation data for init position, manually entered coordinates of init position not changing, and RWR switch being set to OFF when starting hot or from runway.
  • Corrected NDB and VOR positions.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Updated and corrected Encyclopedia.
  • Corrected performance of Super 530D and Magic 2 missiles.


DCS: L-39 Albatros Update



Work continues on the L-39 with the primary focus being on the ZA version. Once the ZA version is complete, we will also add the new training missions and move the L-39 out of beta.


A Review of DCS Versions


At this time we have three different versions of DCS World available and we understand that some of you may be a little confused. In order to provide more clarity, here is what you need to know:


Ver. 1.2. This is the current released (stable) version of the game that includes all modules except the Nevada DLC map and L-39. It however uses our older graphics engine.

You can download it here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/1.2/


Ver. 1.5. This version includes all the same content as Ver. 1.2, but uses the new graphics engine. At the end of December 2015, we plan to move Ver. 1.5 out of Open Beta and make it the new released (stable) version. At that time, Ver. 1.2 will no longer be updated and supported.

You can download it here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/1.5/


Ver. 2.0. This version uses the same, new engine as 1.5, but ONLY works with the Nevada DLC map at this time. We are continually updating the Nevada DLC map now using this version. For now, Ver. 2.0 is being used as a testbed for the Nevada DLC map.

You can download it here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/2.0/


Once versions 1.5 and 2.0 are debugged and working well next year, we will integrate them into a common Ver. 2.0 release (stable) version that will include both the free Caucasus map, the Nevada DLC map, and future maps. At that time, we will drop Ver. 1.5 and Ver. 2.0 will be the only supported DCS World version.


Downloading and Installing the Nevada Map



Over the past two weeks, we have seen a lot of questions regarding how to download and install the Nevada map, for those that purchased it or got it free as part of the A-10C Beta program. For those that missed the answers on our forums, here is a review.

If you purchased the map through our e-shop at: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/terrains/

Install DCS World 2.0 and open the Module Manager. Please look in your Available DLC / Terrain page for the listing of the map with an install button next to it. If you do not see it, please run Repair DCS World 2.0 Open Alpha from your Windows Start Menu / All Apps / Eagle Dynamics and then look again.


If you believe you purchased the A-10C Beta prior to February 21st, 2011, please visit the Nevada DLC map store page at: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/terrains/nttr_terrain/

On this page, you will see a button entitled SHOW SERIAL NUMBERS. Please press this button for your free key.





Edited by Chizh

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  • ED Team

DCS Weekend News Update - December 18th, 2015




A-10C: The Enemy Within Campaign, Now Available




Created by “Baltic Dragon”, The Enemy Within is a story - driven campaign that puts you in cockpit of an A-10C Warthog, sent as a part of small US detachment to Georgia in order to help contain a growing threat from a terrorist organization calling itself the “Caucasus Liberation Army” (CLA). As the story unfolds, you will be faced with a variety of challenges, including close air support, precision strikes, combat search and rescue, anti-ship strikes and even air to air combat. Striving to be as realistic as possible, the units featured in the campaign are based on their real-life counterparts. It also uses a sophisticated radio control system, meaning that you have to tune your on-board radios to the correct frequency to be able to hear more than 670 voiceovers included in the campaign. There are also over 80 pages on FRAGOs (fragmentary orders, based on the ones used by US Air Force), 50 pages of briefings and 40 maps and recon photos designed to help you successfully finish all the 21 missions.


Purchase from: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/campaigns/



DCS: A-10C Warthog SALE!


To commemorate the launch of The Enemy Within Campaign, you can reduce the price of DCS A-10C up to 50%(!), by spending your bonus points. Starting Friday, December 18th at 1500 GMT and lasting until Monday, December 21st at 0900 GMT.


Purchase from: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/dcs_a10c_warthog/


DCS: M-2000C Coming Next Week!




RAZBAM’s DCS: M-2000C is now undergoing final testing prior to its Open Beta release next week. This Open Beta will work with both DCS versions 1.5 and 2.0.


Once the Open Beta is released, the pre-purchase sale price will end, so get your copy now and treat yourself to this outstanding new entry to DCS World.


Purchase from: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/m2000c/




DCS World 2.0 Open Alpha Update 1


We are now preparing the first update to the Open Alpha of DCS World 2.0. Highlights of this update include:


  • L:39 updates: SPU communications fixed, flashing lights on ADF dials, ADF frequency dials in rear cockpit getting stuck
  • Signal flare brightness increased
  • Fixed multiplayer client loss when changing slots
  • Localization fixes for Russian, German and Chinese
  • F-86F: Improved rudder control, corrections to manual, AN/ARN-6 CONT position now selectable, added input for accelerometer and fast gyro slaving, updated rudder trim
  • Mi-8MTV2: Corrections to manual, added window heating regulator
  • Fw-190: Fixed left gun not firing
  • MiG-15Bis: New Chinese livery for MiG-15
  • Bf-109: Updated wind sound
  • UH-1H: Added UHF ARC51 channel frequency table, fixed ARC51 presets
  • Encyclopedia corrections
  • Entire flight refuels when player refuels now
  • Corrected missile plume visual from certain angles
  • Further stabilization fixes
  • Corrected Moskva attack distances
  • Adjusted display of airfield ATC frequency on F10 map
  • Fixed crash as a result of client cargo unhooking
  • Corrected VORTAC frequencies
  • New imposter data test parameters
  • Corrected S-8 rocket smoke
  • Added KAB-1500LG to encyclopedia
  • Adjusted BMP-3 100mm gun
  • Reduced memory allocations
  • Improved Combined Arms “Arcade Camera” view
  • Corrected AI A-10C and A-10A landing gear damage
  • Changed MAXFPS to 180


Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year’s!

The Eagle Dynamics Team





Единственный урок, который можно извлечь из истории, состоит в том, что люди не извлекают из истории никаких уроков. (С) Джордж Бернард Шоу

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  • ED Team

Hi guys,


I know you are all anxious to get your mittens on the M-2000C and we are getting close. As said in the newsletter today, we started internal beta testing just today. While the team is finding bugs, there is nothing too serious so far. In addition to testing the module though, there are two other big items that need to resolve: First, we are awaiting final missions and a quick start manual from RAZBAM. Once they are delivered, we should be good-to-go content wise for an open beta. Second, we need to assemble new versions for both 1.5 and 2.0 that allows the M-2000C to function.


Given this, an open beta release of the M-2000C next week is quite feasible, but we cannot give an exact date given that we just started testing the module.



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  • ED Team

DCS World Weekend Update 25 - December 2015




DCS Holiday Sale


Didn’t get the Christmas gift you wanted today? Got some gift cash needing a home? Starting 25 December at 1500 GMT time and lasting until 04 January 2016 at 0900 GMT, we are having our annual DCS World sale! Get 30% off on most DCS modules. For those in the Eurasian Economic Community, the sale will start 30 December till until 02 January 2016.




Visit our e-shop for Modules at: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/ and our Campaigns at http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/campaigns/


DCS: M-2000C Open Beta




Starting 25 December 2015, the open beta of DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM will be available for download. Note that DCS: M-2000C will work with DCS World versions 1.5 and 2.0 (Nevada DLC map required).


Purchase DCS: M-2000C from: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/

The M-2000C is a multi-role, French-designed, 4th generation fighter. It was designed in the 1970s as a lightweight fighter and in excess of 600 M-2000C aircraft have been built. The M2000C is a single-engine fighter will a low-set delta wing with no horizontal tail. It has excellent maneuverability given its relaxed stability and fly-by-wire flight control system. The M-2000C also includes a multi-mode RDI radar that is capable tracking and engaging targets at beyond visual ranges. In addition to engaging other aircraft with cannon and missiles, the M2000C can also engage ground targets with cannon, rockets and bombs. The M-2000C is a perfect fit for the battlefields of DCS World!




Due to changes in the DRM system of the DCS M-2000C module, all the users who purchased this module and obtained a key in the electronic shop at the RAZBAM site need to exchange this key for free for a valid key at the DCS site.

To do this, follow the link https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/licensing/exchange/, enter the key obtained at the RAZBAM site, after this you will receive a new key. Additionally, a letter with the new key will be sent to you.



Have a wonderful holiday and upwards on onwards into 2016!

The Eagle Dynamics Team





Edited by Chizh

Единственный урок, который можно извлечь из истории, состоит в том, что люди не извлекают из истории никаких уроков. (С) Джордж Бернард Шоу

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