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  1. Dear all, To better support carrier operations, we plan to add changes to the Hornet kneeboard for the May Open Beta that will include: ATC radio frequency TCN channel ICLS channel Link-4 frequency BRC Final heading Wind over deck Press "K" to view the kneeboard. Kind regards, Wags
  2. Dear all, For the next Hornet Open Beta update that is planned for late-April 2022, we plan several improvements. While these may change during the testing stage, they will probably be: Addition of the Automatic Carrier Landing System, ACLS. Addition of the Link 4 datalink for carrier-to-aircraft communications. Addition of ACLS On/Off and Beacon On/Off to carrier Mission Editor advanced waypoint actions. Corrected the Auto-Throttle Control (ATC) Approach mode such that it no longer moves the throttles to idle. Addition of donor datalink tracks to the AZ/EL page. Corrected MIDS track ID on SA display. Changed the Electronic Countermeasures, ECM, such that when in XMIT it will use radar in priority rather than jammer in priority. This will allow the radar to operate with ECM transmitting, but at a lower radar detection capability. Adjusted the radar look-down capability that factors in radar sidelobes. Corrected radar slant range. Ground units are now more visible on A-G radar. Corrected “ghost” contacts when using TWS. Corrected AGR message flashing error. Corrected SLAM-ER / DL13 unlimited munitions error. Corrected some HUD symbol overlap errors. Corrected TOO coordinate saving when stepping targets. Kind regards, Wags
  3. Attitude / Position mode will come later, but only when you are between 0 and 4 knots. So, you will still need to get yourself into a stable hover first. It will not be a magical button you press to miraculously put the -64 into a hover. Kind regards, Matt
  4. Thank you, all, and have fun! A lot of hours, devotion, and passion has gone into this from all the programmers, artist, designers, IT, and managers. Kind regards, Matt
  5. We are working on the ability to be in either seat for network play. It will require careful testing, and it is coming. Kind regards, Matt
  6. You can go to UTIL page and set the launchers to stow. Casmo talks about this in his rockets video, please give it a watch. Kind regards, Matt
  7. Either or both your collective and throttles are probably not zeroed out. Kind regards, Matt
  8. The TADS has a built-in level of stabilization, but LMC on the target (don't slew) can provide a rather stable look at the designation point. Later, we'll be adding the additional stabilization options. For now though, it just takes a little practice with the LMC. Kind regards, Matt
  9. The highlight of the project for me.
  10. Dear all, Although it does not have the same meaning it did before the advent of digital media, today, DCS: AH-64D went “gold”. Meaning, that the code is locked and will not be touched unless we discover a crash or error that severely impacts gameplay. We are in the final phase! Just as a reminder, once the DCS: AH-64D is released into Early Access, the 30% pre-order price will end and move to 20% for the duration the module is in Early Access. e-Shop: DCS: AH-64D (digitalcombatsimulator.com) We thank you for your patience during these last few months. We trust that the quality of the Early Access release will be up to your expectations. Kind regards, Wags
  11. DCS: AH-64D Early Access Guide Available To give you a head start learning to fly and operate the AH-64D, we have released the Early Access manual. Please find the PDF document here. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/documentation/AH64D_flight_manual_en/ Spanning 361 pages, the guide provides a detailed accounting of all the history, sensors, weapons, systems, and basic tactics of our AH-64D. The guide is a work-in-progress, and as new systems are added to the module, the guide will be updated. We believe, more than anything else so far, that the guide illustrates the extreme amount of detail and care that has gone into this project. Enjoy. Kind regards, Wags
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