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Weather , FlightDeck crew and background chatter attributes


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Hello DCS-Crew,


First of all i would like to say i love this sim, and i know it is hard to provide all the requests. Here are a few things i would love to see added :


1- The new weather presets are awsome, but it would be nice if we could have either more rain/snow presets added and/or have the option to add it to the presets ourselfs.


2- Over the years there came out several mods which could add vehicles and carts to the flightdeck in the ME. THIS would be a great addition to the carriers to add instead of just crew. Moving (tow-)vehicles/carts,  ect.


3- If the aim is to create a most realistc experiance while on the carrier deck, i think a basic is the background sounds and calls. If one checks on a video of the real-life Carrier, you hear alot is going on. 

It came to me while flying the RAVEN One Campaign where he used this. It made me feel more part of the real-life deal.


4- Deck crew to Pilot (hand-) signals from specific deckcrew. Each colour has it's task. It would be nice if each coloured jacked had it's own signals like when you run up to the CAT. But actually would be nice to have them from 'dark n cold state' to 'cleared to taxi...' 


Remember i have nothing but gratitude and respect for all of you and we love ya..... all of us !!



Kind regards,



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