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New mission in Georgia


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Morning folks,  I've just finished building a mission based in Georgia - lots of fun & games with the Abkhazians and hopefully the first of a series.

You can find it here


For those who have no idea about the Womble references - they're a bunch of special forces litter pickers from UK children's literature.

An animated TV show documenting their ops was a part of my regular viewing when I was a lad.  I'm sure I often see them out of the window when I'm in my happy place - bobbing along at 450knots, 100'AGL in my lil' Harrier listening to all the interesting whoops & beedles coming from various bits of the aircraft trying to tell me to stay alive.


Have fun!  I've had a great time building it and it seems to work pretty well, although the legendary DCS stealth tanks that crawl along the underside of bridges can occaisionally confuse things.


Time needed:

A couple of hours should be plenty.


Aircraft flyable:

Harrier (AV8B for you across the pond)

Gazelle (HOT version)

Su25T (just because then you don't have to spend any money to fly the mission.  Not sure it can survive the landing at the end, but it seemed a good idea the other day to include it).


Mods needed:



Any feedback is great, but beware I'm just a simple social science graduate - Don't expect me to do anything complicated, I just like pressing buttons to see what happens.




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For anyone interested, I've just about finished the follow up - operating from the FARP set up at the end of mission 1.  Only thing is, I can take off fine with the Su25, but haven't managed to successfully land back at the FARP.  Have come close a couple of times, but every time, just as I'm slowing down, something catches & I spin out.  


Has anyone managed to land a Su25T on a road?  Not a major road either - I couldn't find any suitable ones in Georgia - just a regular 2 lane road.


For the moment I'm seriously considering moving the Su25 to Batumi as at least it's possible to land on the runway there.

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