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Canopy Open & Close trigger zones (click positions)


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The MiG canopy is currently opened by clicking a left edge of the cockpit, but it is as well the place for close it. 

While when the canopy is open, you can click the support bar at top to close the canopy as well. 


This makes it so in the VR hand controllers that when you move hand close to the left cockpit edge the canopy will open and close immediately as the zone is for both open/close. 


The "Open" part should be moved from cockpit edge to the canopy edge so it would move with the opening canopy high above you.

And then if wanted to close the canopy, you need to click the support bar at the top to get it closed. 

This way accidental open/close/open series doesn't get triggered as the function to close is not on same zone as open is.

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